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Sports Reps


2024-2025 Sports Representatives


Lady Cat Basketball - Amber and Koby Howell, Keya Gipson

Bobcat Basketball - Tiffany Sellers, Shelly Stromboe

Boys Gymnastics - Felicia Edwards

Girls Gymnastics - Melanie Garnett

Swimming - Jenny Stallard, Jonna Vu

Lady Cat Volleyball - Kerry Robertson

Boys & Girls Golf - Stacy Elkins

Lady Cat Softball - Monica Navarro

Bobcat Baseball - Allison Bright, Sarah Van Sickle

Boys/Girls Tennis -Cori Stewart, Shelly Hartin

Cross Country - Meg Zwiebel

Football - Richelle Boyd, Tess Matthews, Barrie Fuentes, Tiffany Burnes, Kimberly Hines, Kelly Clifton

Powerlifting - Coach Smith

Lady Cat Soccer - Shannon Templin

Boys Soccer - Stacy Vaughn, Kayla Jones

Bobcat Track - Susan Beaty

Lady Cat Track - Kyra Neslage

Cheerleading - Melanie Garnett, Janet Abernathy, Emilee Brinlee


*Sports reps are the liaison between each team and the Booster Club. If you have questions or need information regarding Booster Club activities or fundraising, please contact the representative for your sport. Thank you sports reps for all of your hard work!!